Social Business Forum Milan June 2012

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Full coverage of links, blogposts, tweets, and replays from the Social Business Forum Milan, June 4-5, 2012


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The Tweetlog Transcripts (5000+ tweets)

#sbf12_tweets_2012_06_04-07 a.xlsx full conference tweets through 1600 CET Thursday (starting at 10:46 CET Monday)


Storify Coverage



Conference Links: main page agenda blog


The Presentations:  All of the presentations (Italian navigation)  All of the presentations (English navigation) - Keynote Videos The nature of social software




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The Blog Posts:

(all Italian posts can be translated through Google Chrome) - social business manifesto - (English) Social Buzziness June 3 Social Buzziness June 4 Social Buzziness June 5 Social Buzziness June 6



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related posts: Google+ coverage last year's slides facebook is old - mashable as mentioned by Mark Tamis via Rawn Carbonelli case history Oracle acquisition of Collective Intellect the slides Luis didn't get to use


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Press Coverage:


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Pics and Vids!/search/%22http%22%20%23sbf12/grid/photos twitter-organized top photos trending types of social systems rawn dashboard innovation context the v drivers crowd seeding elsua SEO is dead Dilbert on Social Media tweet volume June 4 gamification topics visualized the collapreneur  Interview Series: Emanuele Quintarelli, OpenKnowledge Video Oracle Fusion Video A Giovinelli Social Learning classic all star panel, John, Bertrand, Luis, Megan closing keynote the finale Radical management is a new ecosystem social is fragile


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Videos: Youtube playlist of interviews  Emanuele Quintarelli Video John Hagel Video Ana Silva Video Mark Tamis Video David Demetrius Video Oscar Berg Video Cecil DiJoux Video Rawn Shah Video Luis Suarez Video Mike Gotta Esteban Kolsky Ray Wang Frank Eliason Megan Murray Bertrand Duperrin





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Conference Tweeters:!/search/users/%23sbf12  handy twitter listing of the conference tweeters


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