SoMeBizLife Doylestown June 2011

Full coverage of links, blogposts, tweets, and replays from the  Social Media Business Life Conference June 1, Doylestown, PA  #SoMeBizLife


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The Tweetlog Transcript (~1000 tweets): 10Mb PDF from @sethgoldstein!/sethgoldstein/status/76055473148796928



Conference Links: Agenda


8:30am, SoMeBizLife - Welcome to the Revolution @chuckhall @mkrupit ....

10:10am, Breakout I  Cari, Eric, Lynda, Don, Gloria

11:10am, Breakout II  Kim, Dave, Steve Levine, Barry, Greg

1:30pm, Breakout III Sharlene, Rick, Tom, Eric, Skip

2:30pm, Breakout IV Angela & Tina, Harrison, Matthew, Chris, Steve Lubetkin

3:45pm, Closing Session: Social Changes Media, Changes Lives



The Presentations: blogging 2.0 @KraztPR wordle @mkrupit Social CRM @bsdalton @greg2dot0 @CariSultanik How Social Media is innovating innovation @mkrupit



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The Blog Posts:




Relevant Links  the tweet engine for conference displays make word clouds with wordle via @NuSparkMktg Addicted to social media @sethgoldstein BabyPop designs foursquare venue @robkall The Social Mobile Enterprise @karahinrichs twitter tools MacOutfitters video from @ricktoone My Starbucks Idea



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Press Coverage:


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Pics @the_spinmd tumblr blogging 2.0 video production pledge trending @mlevy7 @kratzpr @donlafferty @buckshappening @ricktoone Facebook landing page session @greg2dot0 @donlafferty @greg2dot0 @ericzigus The tagcloud the tag cloud again @BradsRawChips tweets flowing cookin' view from the back tweetwall tweetwall @robkall full house @Greg2dot0


Videos @JimDonovan


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The Conference Tweeters:

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