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Approach to Topics

Page history last edited by Chuck Hall 10 years, 6 months ago

Here's one approach to facilitating topics leading up to and at the event:


We've published the current list of topics on the website and in Votazz. Votazz is one way people can indicate their interest in topics. Challenges are that Votazz is pre-release and has been buggy on registration. Once people are in it appears to be working as expected. A small subset of participants has used it as of Friday morning.


Monday night, we have a short window of time to winnow through the current list of 70 some proposed topics, and more could be added on site. It would seem reasonable to offer a little bit of structure to help facilitate the process. Here's what I would propose.


Pre-print current topics on flipchart size paper with adequate room/spacing between topics. That can be done before event and ready when people arrive. Each participant would be given 5 sticky dots to place next to the topic that most interest them.


We would also have a board with a grid of five locations and three time slots for 15 total sessions. As topics reach some critical mass (25 or 30 people interested?), the facilitators could then slot those topics on the grid with the topic and the leader(s) for that session.


This way we are engaging in a democratic process, we will keep out topics that are not on point and not of interest, and we are offering some structure to get things done expediently without being overly regimented.


I can help prepare for this and will take responsibility for getting charts and dots. I can help the facilitators as well if needed. -- Chuck

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